Three Phases of Growth

We Look At Business Growth from Zero to 7 Figures In Three Phases...

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grow & know

The best outcomes start with a solid foundation.  How well do you know your audience and target clients or customers?  Being very clear on what they want is key.  Remember, it's about them, not you... Grow your audience and your email list.

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engage & promote

The marketplace has changed rapidly over the last year, and it will keep changing.  The landscape is forever shifted. Give your audience value and provide them with reasons to pay attention.  Promote in a smart way that pulls the audience along so they naturally want to know more.

My Free Social Profit Playbook will help you start turning more Leads and Onlookers or Followers into Clients and Buyers.

automate & nurture

Those first two steps are critical for this one to succeed. Then the fun begins.  Smart automation and the referral machine. Treat your existing clients like family. Create happy customers who cannot wait to tell their friends about you. 

My PROFIT Pillars framework will help you see exactly where to focus to leverage these in your business for exponential growth.  Click Here to get your Free Guide.

1:1 Consulting

Our 1-on-1 Consulting program is customized for each client, based on where you are and what you need.

This is the highest level of access to Penny and our team and the highest level of support.


Group Coaching

Small Group Coaching Pods are a great way to move your business forward faser.




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Helping Coaches And Course Creators Go From Surviving To Thriving With A Consistent Flow Of New Clients Every Month.

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